How to install Linux Mint 19 on a System76 Oryx Pro (oryp4)

This is my first post, so be kind…

I became aware that I need a personal computer for personal stuff, you know. So then I started to do research to find the “perfect” laptop for my requirements, which is primarily : Linux support and expand ability.( I will write another post where I do the comparisons). I have decided on the Oryx pro from system76.

Having said that ..I recently bought the Oryx pro from System76. I was willing to pay a premium have guaranteed linux support on all peripherals.

I am a avid linux user, which is why I opted to buy a System76 laptop designed for linux from the ground up.  I thought that all my struggles of installing linux on a “windows” laptop is over.  I ordered the laptop with  pop!_os,  I will admit that the theme is beautiful and the driver integration is spot on.  I am however not a fan on gnome, which is the default desktop environment for pop!_os. I have then proceeded to follow the instructions to install the cinnamon desktop. It worked fine, but I now have multiple duplicate applications , like  file browsers and network managers to name a few. This was unacceptable. I could not completely revert back to the previous state.

I thought to myself…I like Linux Mint because of the ubuntu heritage and the cinnamon desktop.  I am going to remove pop!_os and install Mint 19 (Tara).

This… to my surprise was more difficult than I expected. I understand that the Oryx pro has the latest cpu and gpu technology which would have limited support due to time in market.  I managed to get everything ( I required ) to work by following these steps.

Steps I followed.

  • Install Linux mint without networking and nomodeset kernel option. ( with Internet, it will install an incompatible kernel  and cant even install uefi )
  • Set nomodeset in grub on every boot untill gpu drivers installed.
  • Update system with update manager.
  • Install system76 repo and install selected packages.
sudo apt-add-repository -y ppa:system76-dev/stable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y system76-firmware-daemon xbacklight system76-wallpapers python3-evdev system76-dkms

The package “system76-driver” is not 100% compatible with cinnamon.

  • Reboot, and remember nomodeset.
  • Add ubuntu gpu repo and install nvidia-settings and driver from driver manager.
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nvidia-settings
  • Use driver manager to select  nvidia-driver-396.

That is it 🙂 I think everthing is working now.

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  1. Hi, your post is very timely for me, as I just acquired an Oryx Pro, and have been trying unsuccessfully to get Mint 19 Xfce installed on it. I have been getting stuck at the point where I set nomodeset in grub, at which point the PC simply hangs and will not boot. Might you have any suggestions?


    1. Hi Phil,

      I hope you are well. I have finally installed linux mint 19 xfce (linuxmint-19-xfce-64bit-v2.iso) . I had some hickups related to my specific install. ( Like install along side linux mint 19 cinnamon, and some systemd-resolve configuration ).

      Other than that I had no issues get everything to work following the steps on the blog ( keyboard backlight and colours, and display brightness ).

      After installing “nvidia-settings”, installing the nvidia driver and a reboot, you can use the command-line utlility “prime-select” to switch between display modes ( intel and nvidia )

      e.g :

      sudo prime-select nvidia


      sudo prime-select intel

      Which does require a reboot to apply.

      If you are still struggling to get it working let me know and I will try to assist.

      kind regards


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